About us

We make tech work for you

Our overarching mission is to re-envision how people, from individuals to businesses, can better utilise and experience tech in all aspects of life.

Our story

INTERLUNAR was founded in June 2021 to provide digital transformation and innovation initiatives with a quick turnaround for the people we work with.

We chose the name INTERLUNAR after the notion of the moon being ‘invisible’ for four days between the old and new moon phases.

Now we embody this four day principle to deliver comprehensive roadmaps and solutions to the people we work with in four working days.

Our team

David Profile Photo



David spearheads business growth, project management, and requirements-gathering sessions with clients.

Art & Creative Lead


Chaehyeon is a seasoned graphic designer known for her unwavering focus, enthusiasm, and meticulous attention to detail.

UI/UX Lead


Kenzi is a versatile UI/UX designer passionate about creating seamless and visually stunning digital experiences.

Account Executive


Gloria fronts account management and client relations, with a passion for delivering exceptional service and fostering strong partnerships.

Digital Strategist


Abby specialises in sales and marketing insights. She creates, implements, and optimises strategic campaigns across digital channels.

Digital Content


Passionate about the art of storytelling, Angeline weaves words that inspire, making every piece a journey of discovery for our readers.

BD Executive


Tracy is a highly motivated individual who grasps the critical components that drive business success.

Barely Profile Photo

Wellness Officer


Our beloved rescue dog from Jurong Island, Singapore ensures work is filled with tail-wagging positivity.

We unlock your true potential through tech

What makes us different

We are passionate about emerging technologies and their abilities to empower users through deliberate use.

Synthesising design thinking and first principles thinking, our goal is to dive into the heart of the matter, so solutions are impactful and sustainable.


We approach pain points holistically and zero down to identify root causes.


We stay accessible throughout delivery and post-delivery to gather feedback.


We collaborate with our wide network and tap into extensive resources.

Our values






“INTERLUNAR quickly grasped the gist of the project, kept two-way communication during the whole process, and delivered much more than what we expected.”Alice was able to alleviate a major project pain-point with our assistance

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