Juggling job applications, schoolwork, and your social life? We will be your accountability buddies as you create more productive daily practices, get more callbacks, and kickstart your career.
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Time-Tracking and Active Task Monitoring
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We'll cover all the essentials, identify your pain points, uncover any other aspects affecting your mission, and help you stay true to yourself as you start adulting.
CV / Portfolio, Copywriting / Copyediting
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Technical Stacks, Communications, Digital Transformation
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Membership (Startups & Organisations)

Bogged down by too many decisions about what tools and technologies to use for your small business or organization? We aim to troubleshoot all the pain points you come across as a solo founder or growing team, from optimizing productivity and creating a consistent brand design, to picking the right technology stack for digital wellness across work, life, and play.

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All memberships inclusive of:

  • Unlimited Task Queuing
  • Monthly Productivity Audits
  • Monthly Design Audits
  • Monthly Technical Stack Audits
  • Monthly Social Media/Website Audits
  • Time-Tracking and Active Task Monitoring

Creative: Naming, Web/Mobile, Branding (Logos, Packaging, Letterheads, Typography), Copywriting/Copyediting, NFTs, and much more

Productivity: Technical Stacks, Communications, Project Management, and Knowledge/Change Management

Consulting: Strategy, Human Resources, Design Thinking/Collaboration, and Digital Transformation

We'll cover all the essentials, discover your pain points, and uncover any other aspects affecting your organization's mission to help you streamline growth. Thereafter, we will work as your personal consultants to help deliver projects, complete tasks assigned to us, and streamline business-as-usual activities.

If you have any questions, preliminary comments, or want to chat about our past projects - feel free to get in touch via WhatsApp or email. Alternatively, find out more by booking a discovery call.

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