10 Best Co-Working Spaces In Hong Kong


In the heart of Hong Kong's vibrant business landscape, the demand for flexible and dynamic workspaces has never been more pronounced. Whether you're an ambitious entrepreneur, a creative freelancer, or a digital nomad on the hunt for the perfect work environment, Hong Kong's co-working scene has something exceptional to offer.

From the bustling streets of Central to the cultural enclave of Wan Chai, we've scoured the city to curate a list of the "10 Best Co-Working Spaces in Hong Kong" to cater to all your professional needs. Dive into a world of versatility, community, and creativity as we explore co-working spaces with diverse amenities, affordability, and top-notch reviews.

1. Desk One

Desk One is dedicated to creating an environment that seamlessly encourages collaboration, reading, and studying. This vision is realised by skillfully combining the best features of a library, co-working space, and café, resulting in a cohesive and inviting atmosphere where productivity harmonises with relaxation. Guests can bask in this haven, complete with awe-inspiring views and finely crafted beverages that contribute to a serene and scholarly ambiance.

What distinguishes Desk One is its unwavering commitment to flexibility. From offering hourly passes to daily and monthly memberships that start from HK$126.82, it caters to a wide range of work styles and preferences, making it a standout choice among our handpicked selection of co-working spaces. So, whether you're seeking a brief respite from your daily routine or a long-term solution for your work needs, Desk One is here to meet your requirements.

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2. The Work Project

Founded in 2016, The Work Project has made a name for itself in the realm of high-performance coworking spaces, guided by the core philosophy of "Think Design." Nowhere is this ethos more evident than in their exquisite Hong Kong location, which stands out as one of the most visually captivating spaces we've ever encountered. Collaborating with top-notch architects, The Work Project has transformed their spaces into inviting and globally recognised hubs. Their commitment to ergonomic design fosters an environment that not only encourages work but prioritises your well-being. Amidst the hustle and bustle of individuals working, there's an undeniable serenity that permeates the atmosphere. 

Unlike some co-working spaces that can feel stifling in crowded conditions, The Work Project's ambiance remains undisturbed, allowing you to concentrate and accomplish your tasks with ease. They provide a comprehensive array of office equipment, and if you require any additional tools, they are readily available upon request. For just HK$45 per day, you’ll gain access to an exceptional workspace, so for those seeking an unparalleled blend of aesthetics, functionality, and service, The Work Project in Hong Kong is a noteworthy choice.

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3. Garage Society

Garage Society takes a unique and innovative approach to coworking, infusing each of their spaces with distinctive themes, communities, and experiences. This commitment to diversity ensures that every Garage Society location offers a one-of-a-kind atmosphere, attracting a diverse range of individuals. The beauty of Garage Society lies in their community-centric approach to coworking. They understand that different professionals have varying needs and preferences, and they're more than willing to assist you in finding the perfect space that aligns with your unique requirements. Whether you're a solo entrepreneur, a startup team, or a seasoned professional, Garage Society has a place for you within their dynamic and supportive community.

For HKD$500 per day, you’ll have access to Garage’s Society’s range of diverse locations, and can be rest assured that Garage Society is there to facilitate your journey by providing a coworking experience tailored to your specific needs and aspirations. 

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4. Mustard Seed

Situated in the vibrant heart of Wan Chai, Mustard Seed emerges as a favoured choice among entrepreneurs and creative minds on the Hong Kong side. However, Mustard Seed is more than just a workspace; it's a dynamic community hub that goes the extra mile to foster inspiration and intellectual growth.

This forward-thinking coworking space actively encourages its expanding community to seek inspiration and a "mind boost" by regularly hosting a diverse array of workshops and seminars. In doing so, Mustard Seed transcends the boundaries of a traditional workspace, creating an environment where ideas flourish, connections thrive, and innovation takes center stage. They offer daily rates starting from HKD$49.61, and other flexible pricing options to suit your needs. 

Location:  2/F, Emperor Group Centre, 288 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai


What sets OONIQUE apart is its commitment to catering to diverse needs with a range of study and work space options. Whether you require a quick spot for a few hours or an entire day, their hot desks are readily available, eliminating the need for reservations.

For those in need of a more extensive workspace, OONIQUE offers reservable rooms, spanning approximately 1,550 square feet. What's impressive about these study rooms is their flexibility. Of course, OONIQUE ensures that all the essential amenities are in place, from reliable Wi-Fi to printing and scanning services, not to mention the comforting presence of complimentary coffee and tea. They provide essential amenities like whiteboards for meetings, TVs with projector capabilities for seminars, and other customizable settings upon request – and all of this comes free of charge.

If you ever find yourself in need of a breather, you'll discover convenience stores, restaurants, and malls just a stone's throw away, making it a well-rounded destination that caters to both productivity and relaxation. In essence, OONIQUE is a place where functionality meets convenience, where you can seamlessly balance work and leisure. Their daily rates start from HKD$85. 

Location: 11/F, Kyoto Plaza, 491-499 Lockhart Rd, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

6. Campfire Collaborative Spaces

Born in the vibrant city of Hong Kong, Campfire Collaborative Spaces is a coworking space that embodies the essence of the city and its entrepreneurial spirit through its distinctive branding and innovative approach. What sets Campfire Collaborative Spaces apart is its commitment to accommodating the diverse needs and lifestyles of its members. Campfire Collaborative Spaces strategically positions its locations in budding and thriving communities, making it an ideal choice for young businesses and startups looking to tap into the pulse of innovation. These vibrant neighbourhoods offer not only a conducive environment for work but also access to a network of like-minded individuals and potential collaborators.

One standout feature of Campfire Collaborative Spaces is its pet-friendly policy, recognising that our furry friends are essential companions in our daily lives. This pet-friendly approach fosters a unique and welcoming atmosphere, where members can find both productivity and comfort. Campfire Collaborative Spaces isn't just a coworking space; it's a reflection of Hong Kong's dynamism and forward-thinking spirit. Their daily rates start from HKD$60. 

Location: Campfire Kennedy Town, 4/F, Cheung Hing Industrial Building

7. WanderLoft

In the bustling cityscape of Hong Kong, where innovation and design converge, WanderLoft stands as a pioneer in the world of coworking spaces. WanderLoft goes beyond the conventional coworking experience. It understands the intricacies of how designers work and has crafted its space to cater to their distinct requirements. The result is an environment that not only fosters productivity but also serves as a wellspring of inspiration for the creative soul.

What truly defines WanderLoft is its commitment to community building. This coworking space is not merely a place to work; it's a vibrant ecosystem where designers from across the industry can come together to share ideas, pool resources, and explore collaborative opportunities. WanderLoft is nurturing a dynamic and interconnected community of design professionals who inspire and elevate each other's work. In a city that fosters innovation and design excellence, WanderLoft provides a home for designers to thrive. You can book a space at Wanderloft for HKD$40 per hour. 

Location: 22/F, 9 Chong Yip Street, Kwun Tong

8. The Coffee House

Nestled in the vibrant community of Aberdeen, The Coffee House is more than just a place to grab your daily caffeine fix; it's a thriving hub for creatives, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and freelancers seeking to elevate their productivity while savouring the essence of a perfectly brewed cup of joe. Recognising that individuals and companies have diverse needs, they offer a range of super flexible plans that can be tailored to suit your unique requirements. Their daily rates start from HKD$200. 

Beyond serving as a workspace, The Coffee House also plays a pivotal role in nurturing talent within the coffee industry. They offer a dedicated coffee training space, providing an invaluable opportunity for up-and-coming baristas to refine their craft and gain hands-on experience in a supportive environment. The Coffee House is a testament to the idea that the perfect blend of work and creativity often begins with a great cup of coffee. It's a place where innovation flows as freely as the aromatic brews, and where community thrives amidst the clinking of coffee cups. 

Location: 10/f Aberdeen Industrial Building 236, Aberdeen Main Road, Aberdeen, Hong Kong

9. The HQ

Positioned a mere two-minute stroll from the Kennedy Town MTR station, The HQ emerges as a versatile coworking haven, catering to a diverse community of students, office professionals, freelancers, and small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The HQ distinguishes itself by offering an array of flexible pricing plans, with daily rates starting from HKD$160, ensuring accessibility for a wide spectrum of individuals and businesses. 

What sets The HQ apart is its commitment to enhancing the work experience. Members can enjoy complimentary snacks and beverages, creating an environment where productivity is fueled by convenience and comfort. The availability of these refreshments ensures that your focus remains undivided as you pursue your professional endeavours. In addition to their range of desk and office spaces, The HQ goes beyond the conventional coworking model by offering multi-purpose event venues available for rent. This adds a layer of versatility, making The HQ an ideal destination not just for day-to-day work but also for hosting events, seminars, and workshops. Whether you're a student seeking an inspiring study environment, an office worker looking for a change of scenery, a freelancer in need of a flexible workspace, or an SME looking to host an event, The HQ welcomes you with open arms. 

Location: 2A, Cheung Hing Industrial Building, 12P Smithfield, Kennedy Town

10. The Wave

Catering to the dynamic landscape of entrepreneurs and small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) on the Kowloon side of Hong Kong, The Wave emerges as a multifaceted destination that seamlessly combines diverse offerings under one roof. The Wave presents a spectrum of options, from coworking spaces and serviced offices to pop-up stores, F&B outlets, and event spaces. This eclectic blend creates a vibrant ecosystem where individuals and businesses can not only work but also explore new avenues for growth and collaboration.

As a testament to their commitment to community and networking, The Wave offers access to a range of networking events. These gatherings provide valuable opportunities to connect with like-minded professionals, fostering collaboration and the exchange of ideas. Their daily rates start from HKD$128, and to sweeten the deal, The Wave adds an extra touch of hospitality by providing complimentary drinks. It's the little details like these that elevate the overall experience and make The Wave a sought-after destination for entrepreneurs and SMEs.

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In the bustling metropolis of Hong Kong, where innovation and entrepreneurship reign supreme, the world of co-working spaces is a dynamic and transformative force. Whether you're an entrepreneur, a freelancer, a creative genius, or a corporate professional, these co-working spaces offer more than just a place to work. They provide a thriving ecosystem where ideas flourish, connections are forged, and productivity soars. These spaces redefine the way we work, fostering a sense of community and innovation. With flexible pricing, access to networking events, complimentary drinks, and diverse amenities, these co-working spaces are more than just a desk; they're a pathway to success in the vibrant city of Hong Kong. So, as you embark on your journey to find the perfect workspace, keep in mind the convenience, flexibility, and community that these spaces offer. Choose the c-oworking space that resonates with your vision, and let your professional aspirations take flight in the dynamic landscape of Hong Kong.

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