The First 5 Employees You’ll Need for Your Start-Up


Running a start-up alone can be scary, especially when tasks and workloads start to build up. This is why it is crucial for business owners to look towards building a strong team to help with the various aspects of running a business that include finances, public relations, operations, etc. 


Today, we uncover the top 5 individuals you’ll want to seek for your start-up’s success.

1. Marketing Director

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For every business, branding is critical.


A good marketing director can help you define your brand direction, as well as develop your marketing strategy. This also includes post campaigns statistics – summarised and simplified for better understanding – that aid majorly in making decisions for your business. Good marketing can make a huge impact on any business when done right – as seen with brands like Nike, Coca-Cola, and so on.


Your marketing manager can also execute these marketing campaigns on your behalf, so you’re able to focus your time on other, more important tasks in running a business. Having an individual dedicated to marketing ensures your brand is always on top of its game.

2. Financial Advisor

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Money is at the core of every business, so it would make complete sense for every growing business to invest in hiring a reputable financial advisor. Apart from helping your business out with handling loans, accounting, invoicing and so on, a financial advisor can also help with financial planning for your business.


They can assist when times get rough, especially in terms of business finance, and they ensure your business stays out of trouble by handling taxes and legal duties according to your country. This is especially crucial as many businesses find themselves tangled up with legal trouble with governments because they weren’t following business laws. You can check out a more in depth write up on why every business should invest in an accountant here

3. Operations Manager

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Inevitably, as your business starts to grow, it also starts to get hectic. Investing in an operations personnel means you’ll have a helping hand when it comes to managing your start-up’s day-to-day duties.


Your operations manager can assist in various tasks, including office management, admin duties and appointment setting. As a business owner, keeping track of everything can be tough and not to mention extremely stressful. Delegating this workload to a trusted individual is sure to leave you at greater ease and you’ll be able to better focus on the overall planning and growth for your business.


They can also help you streamline your workflows and operations and thus, increase your business’s efficiency. Workflow automations are a must for every growing business, and your operations manager can be in charge of that. You can look into investing in some workflow automation tools that can help streamline entire workflows and processes all in one place.

4. Sales Manager

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Whether your business sells products or services, you’ll always want a good salesperson by your side.


The sales manager’s main goal is to consistently generate new leads or sales for your business, ensuring your business’s cash flow is always running. Sales alone can in fact be very time-consuming and energy draining – from finding leads and following up on them, all the way to after sales servicing and so on – and your time as a business owner can be much better spent elsewhere. They will also be in charge of handling sales operations, so if sales are high, they are the ones who streamline and organise sales flows, ensuring that customers are properly served.


An additional bonus is that your sales manager is also the best person to build long-term relationships with your customers and clients too, something that is extremely crucial for all businesses.

5. Digital and Technology Specialist

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It goes without saying that every business out there is required to have a digital presence and kept up to date with technology in order to succeed. Your Digital and Technology Specialist will be in charge of just that.


Whether it be understanding social media trends, or discovering new software that they believe can benefit your business, this person is essentially the bridge between your business and the quickly advancing digital world. You can trust that this person is on top of digital trends and software and is always ready to bring in new ideas and proposals on how your business can better connect with the digital world.

Hiring for a start-up can be scary, especially when it's your first time. Not only will you need to understand which roles are missing from your business, you’ll also have to sense out who is most capable and suitable for each role. Hiring the “wrong” person for the role can backfire, and introduce more work than necessary. 

But, the team here at INTERLUNAR are more than willing to provide you with the guidance and help you’ll need in your start-up journey, feel free to reach out to us to explore solutions and pathways for your business.

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