Top Independent Zines And Magazines To Check Out In 2023


Events such as Singapore Art Book Fair, Singapore Art Week and Queer Zinefest have given rise to print products such as magazines and zines – in particular, independently published zines and magazines. These print productions serve as means for creators and artists of all kinds from all over to showcase and speak about their innovations and works. As compared to larger, corporate, commercial magazines, these publications focus on creativity and ideation, as well as building communities. Here, we explore the various zines and magazines in Singapore that are not to be missed in 2023.

1. Kult Magazine

Image By Kult Magazine

This quarterly zine places heavy emphasis on hefty topics such as AIDS, local superstitions and so on. The publication does a great job as breaking down such topics into digestible pieces, whilst throwing in bits of useful information for its readers. Their pages are packed full of unique and visually appealing designs. Kult magazine not only works with various smaller, local artists for their publication, but also seeks to use the platform as a way to provide such artists with exposure. With the purpose of sparking conversation, Kult magazine dives deep into local topics of interest all whilst embedding itself in the world of art and culture.

2. Rubbish Famzine

Image By Pinterest

For Singaporeans, this zine calls back to old roots. The biannual zine is mainly crafted by a family of four, making it all the more homely. Extracting feelings of familiarity and belonging, this zine is creative in all sorts of ways, from its content, down to its packaging – whether it comes in an old biscuit tin or pressed between a wooden flower press, this zine is bound to be a treat for audiences of all ages.

3. TypeOne

Image By TypeOne

This biannual magazine uses creative visuals to convey topics like technology, business, culture, innovation and design. Serving as a thought-provoker in those fields, this publication never fails to provide readers with new insights on all sorts of topics – for example, branding and typography and more. The team often partners with guest designers or editors, enhancing the visual touch to the publication.

4. Backstage Talks

Image By Backstage Talks

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5. BranD

Image By Brand Magazine

Based in HongKong, this zine explores visual communication, creativity and branding through innovative ways – they take unique, purposeful advice and string it along collectively with well-planned graphics and speads. This zine aims to explore problems and struggles of today’s artists and designers, shedding light onto practical problems that many designers or creatives may face, making it relatable to many. With insights provided by artists and designers from all over, this zine is definitely worth checking out for an eye-opening read.

6. Mynah

Image By Mynah

Centralising around a very local concept – Singapore-based zine, Mynah offers readers an unforgettable experience from start to finish. As featured on a UK magazine – Monocle, this zine holds a microscope to all the parts of Singapore. Using artistic forms of expression, this yearly zine not only highlights but also challenges the conventions Singapore.

7. Staple Magazine

Image By Staple Magazine

Exploring social and cultural environments and related topics, this zine discusses current ideas and concepts. Staple does a wonderful job at sparking discussion and thinking around topics like identity and emotion – all whilst upholding unique and creative visual displays. This zine is definitely one to check out if you have a curious mind, and enjoy venturing thought-provoking, adventurous topics and ideas. Although the team behind this zine has decided to take a break, their past issues are definitely worth a read.

8. Sand

Image By Sand

Undefined by just one category, Sand explores a range of topics from opinion pieces to reviews or even political pieces. All content simply follows the purpose of taking its readers behind-the-scenes and from scratch. The zine has featured plenty of independent creatives, designers and business owners in all kinds of niches, making it a must-read for entrepreneurs or budding entrepreneurs with the mind to start something.

9. The Ideology

Image By The Ideology

In contrast to the rest of the zines in this article, this zine features a more minimalistic layout. Filled with beautiful pencil illustrations, this zine explores life in a variety of contexts such as thought and philosophy. The reason for such simplistic designs is to allow readers to focus more on the texts than the pictures, all the more emphasising the impact of words or content for this zine. From solidarity, to comfort, this zine captures ideas and concepts extremely well through its well-articulated copy.

10. Interlunar – Volume I: Emergence

Image By Interlunar

This first instalment to Interlunar’s zine venture is the birth child of the team’s passion for creativity, innovation, design, art and culture. Garnering insights from artists, designers and creatives from all around, Emergence provides an abundance of information and ideas as food-for-thought. From new developments in the AI space, to artists revolutionising the art industry, to new forms of work and play, Emergence is bound to contain something of interest for readers of all fields. Approaching these topics with an open minded outlook, the zine seeks to spark conversation and incite new ideas and possibilities within the community of creatives. With that, be sure to check out Emergence for an experience like never before.

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