Spring 2023


“The art challenges the technology, and the technology inspires the art.”

- John Lassiter, former CEO of Pixar.

EMERGENCE is INTERLUNAR’s first zine volume. A birth-child of our passion for creative spaces, this issue dives into the intersections of art, business, culture, design, film, and technology. We highlight the works of industry-leading innovators and emerging creatives. Explore the future of design, ponder the ethics of AI-generated art, and read more about our featured artists. We hope you will gain new insights, knowledge and inspiration to pursue your next entrepreneurial endeavour.


This project would not exist without the trust of:

David Zhang, Sameera Anand, Annie Cheng, Angeline Chang, Ella Wee, Pamela Wee


digital print, Use the code 'EMPOWERME' to get a free copy on GUMROAD


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ISBN: 978-981-18-6376-9


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