9 Best Co-Working Spaces In Jakarta


If you're in search of the most ideal workspaces in the bustling capital of Indonesia, you're in the right place. Jakarta has witnessed a surge in co-working spaces, making it easier than ever for professionals, startups, and digital nomads to find flexible and affordable office solutions. In this article, we'll dive into the top coworking spaces Jakarta has to offer, taking a closer look at their amenities, community, and the advantages they provide for remote workers and businesses. Whether you're looking for shared offices in Jakarta's central business districts or creative workspaces tucked away in vibrant neighbourhoods, we've got you covered.

1. GoWork

GoWork stands out as a premier coworking space in Jakarta, and for several compelling reasons. With an extensive network comprising over 25 locations across Indonesia, they cater to the needs of both local and travelling professionals, making it an excellent choice for those on the move. 

What truly sets GoWork apart is their flexible pricing structure, which allows you to pay-as-you-go, eliminating the need for cumbersome long-term commitments or binding contracts. Their hot desks start from as little as IDR 1.000.000, and alongside their flexible approach, GoWork is particularly advantageous for burgeoning startups and freelancers, as it empowers them to manage their expenses efficiently while accessing top-notch workspace facilities. 

Multiple locations here

2. WeWork

WeWork's extensive global network of more than 800 workspaces not only offers clients and members numerous opportunities but also serves as a testament to their wealth of experience in the co-working industry. This accumulated expertise not only makes WeWork a popular choice for its inviting atmosphere but also underscores the excellence of the services they offer.

Furthermore, WeWork's vast international presence provides clients and members with unparalleled flexibility and convenience when it comes to accessing well-equipped workspaces in various locations worldwide. This extensive network allows professionals to seamlessly transition from one WeWork location to another, fostering a sense of community and collaboration that enhances the overall co-working experience. Whether you're seeking a vibrant atmosphere to spark creativity or a professional environment to conduct business, WeWork is designed to cater to your productive needs from just IDR 725.000. 

Multiple locations here.

3. Apiary

Apiary’s commitment to promoting community engagement is evident through a range of thoughtfully curated events and initiatives. Take, for example, their monthly "Buzz Night," a networking extravaganza complete with complimentary wine, where connections flourish. For those looking to combine nourishment and knowledge, Apiary's "Lunch & Study" program pairs entrepreneurs over lunch, facilitating networking and shared learning experiences. 

In addition to these events, Apiary hosts an array of workshops covering diverse topics. These workshops serve as invaluable resources for novice business owners, offering insights and guidance on successfully navigating Indonesia's dynamic economy, whether through launching their own ventures or thriving as freelancers.

From just IDR 150.000, Apiary offers accessible choices for professionals seeking a dynamic work environment. Moreover, Apiary provides the flexibility to rent meeting rooms for seminars or interviews, ensuring all your workspace needs are met seamlessly. Explore the world of coworking at Apiary, where collaboration, affordability, and convenience converge to empower professionals in Jakarta's thriving business landscape.

Location: Lippo ST.Moritz Office Tower, Floor 9, Unit 901

4. Greenhouse

Situated atop the 25th floor of the Multivision Tower, Greenhouse co-working space in Jakarta offers a truly distinctive and eco-conscious environment. The interior is thoughtfully adorned with lush greenery and earth-inspired elements, creating an ambiance that brings you closer to nature while you work. Here, you can revel in awe-inspiring panoramic views that elevate both your productivity and your spirits. The added perk of enjoying a refreshing drink while you work enhances the overall experience, making it an ideal workspace choice.

Greenhouse is renowned for its involvement and guidance provided to businesses of all sizes located within South-East Asia. With that, they offer a wide array of workshops, articles and connections that can aid your start-up journey. From just IDR 177.0000, Greenhouse offers essential services such as high-speed Wi-Fi, comprehensive printing and scanning facilities, and the convenience of an on-site restaurant and bar are readily available to cater to your every need. Immerse yourself in this eco-friendly oasis that seamlessly blends work and relaxation, and discover a workspace that truly embraces the natural world.

View updates here or contact them at +62 2150871290

5. Avenue 8

For those who believe that comfort is the cornerstone of productivity, Avenue8 emerges as the ultimate co-working haven. Their core ethos revolves around delivering a service-oriented workspace that not only caters to your professional needs but also lightens the burden of your daily life, allowing you to thrive.

Avenue8 goes for a relatively affordable rate starting from IDR 1.800.000. One standout feature is the presence of a dedicated concierge, ready at your service. Whether it's coordinating travel arrangements, handling phone calls, brewing that perfect cup of coffee, or even securing dinner reservations, Avenue8 is committed to ensuring that your every need is met. They understand that a stress-free work environment empowers you to be your best self. Step into Avenue8 and experience a coworking space that goes above and beyond to provide unparalleled comfort and support, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – your productivity and success.

Location: Tamansari Parama Suite 7B, Jl KH Wahid Hasyim No. 84, Jakarta Pusat, Indonesia 10340

6. Kolega

Kolega places a strong emphasis on community and collaboration as the cornerstones of their workspace philosophy. They firmly hold the belief that a dynamic workplace not only provides a productive environment but also cultivates meaningful connections and expands one's network.

To facilitate this vision, Kolega has curated a range of engaging initiatives, including meetups, workshops, and classes, all designed to empower their members to upskill and forge new connections. These events serve as more than just opportunities for professional growth; they are forums for building relationships and fostering a vibrant community within the workspace. Starting from just IDR 2.200.000, Kolega’s focus extends beyond shared desks and office amenities, creating an ecosystem that thrives on community, collaboration, and personal growth. 

Multiple locations here

7. Wellspaces

Wellspaces stands as one of Indonesia's pioneering co-working spaces, originally known as the Freeware Space Group. It distinguishes itself as a unique and innovative workspace in Jakarta, going beyond traditional office setups to create an environment that nurtures not only business growth but personal development as well. The space embodies efficiency and spaciousness, ensuring a conducive setting for heightened productivity. It's a comprehensive solution, designed to optimise your business endeavours.

Wellspaces takes pride in its commitment to fostering connections and knowledge-sharing. Regularly scheduled events and seminars provide ample networking opportunities, allowing entrepreneurs to expand their professional circles. Starting from just IDR 1.350.000, the workspace offers the convenience of 24-hour access, granting you the flexibility to work on your own terms. Alongside these perks, a range of amenities enhances your work experience, making Wellspaces the ideal destination for those seeking a holistic coworking environment. 

Multiple locations here.

8. Concrete Space

Concrete Space fully embraces the advantages of co-working spaces, recognizing that their true value resides in the dynamic cultures, the refreshing change of pace, and the diverse styles and spaces they offer. Their passion extends to fostering an environment where members can connect, innovate, and collaborate seamlessly. 

Concrete Space is dedicated to creating a vibrant ecosystem that not only supports individual productivity but also encourages collective growth. They understand that co-working is more than just sharing a physical workspace; it's about building a community where ideas flourish, connections flourish, and innovation thrives. 

Starting from just IDR 120.000, Concrete Space is furnished with all sorts of amenities you’d need, like printers, high-speed wifi and even an outdoor terrace if you need to step out occasionally for some fresh air.

Location:  Jl Pluit Timur Raya no.17, Penjaringan Jakarta Utara

9. Theater House

Theater House traces back to a humble house, which has since undergone a remarkable transformation into a truly distinctive workspace. Drawing inspiration from modern architectural aesthetics, Theater House’s layout features seating arrangements reminiscent of a theater, adding a touch of uniqueness to your work environment. Moreover, their rooftop garden spanning three floors accentuates its creative and innovative ambiance. This east Jakarta coworking space is tailor-made for those seeking a workspace that not only promotes productivity but also infuses an element of fun and creativity into their daily routines.

Theater House offers well-equipped meeting rooms and an event space, facilitating gatherings and business meetings in a stylish setting. You'll enjoy uninterrupted access to high-speed internet, along with the convenience of complimentary coffee and tea to keep you fueled throughout the day. With a projector system available for events and a cosy dining table, Theater House ensures that your workspace experience is not only productive but also enriched with amenities that enhance your overall comfort and productivity. 

Location: Villa Bambu Wulung No. C 6, Jl. Bambu Wulung No.Raya, RT.3/RW.5, Bambu Apus, Kec. Cipayung, Kota Jakarta Timur, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 13890, Indonesia.

Contact them directly on Instagram for pricing.


Jakarta's co-working landscape offers a diverse range of options, each with its own unique character and advantages. Whether you're drawn to the eco-friendly ambiance of Greenhouse, the community-driven ethos of Kolega, or the innovative transformation of Theater House, there's a co-working space in Jakarta to suit every need and preference.

These co-working spaces go beyond providing desks and Wi-Fi; they create environments where connections flourish, innovation thrives, and productivity soars. From networking events to tailored workshops, these spaces are hubs of collaboration and personal growth. And let's not forget the practical perks – high-speed internet, meeting rooms, complimentary beverages, and more – that make working in Jakarta's co-working spaces not only convenient but also enjoyable. So, whether you're a freelancer, a startup, or an established corporation, these spaces offer an ideal blend of flexibility, community, and resources to fuel your success. 

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