The Best Copywriting Tools To Boost Workflows


Everybody knows the importance of quality and efficient copywriting. Whether it be for blogs, social media posts or even shop listings, good content writing can go a long way in business and marketing. With that said, we have come to a point where copywriting does not have to take days or even weeks of work, and thanks to the development of AI technology, the once daunting task or writing is now simplified and made quicker. There are now a couple of advanced copywriting services and tools out there that aim to make the process of writing smoother and more seamless. Here, we explore the various copywriting solutions that you’ll love.

1. Jasper (formerly known as Jarvis)

Image By Jasper

Jasper has been featured working together for big brands like Airbnb, Hubspot and many more. Using AI technology, Jasper produces original and creative written content. Their software even considers important copywriting elements such as SEO and Direct Response Marketing to ensure copy produced is optimised for businesses. Jasper not only provides writers with a smoother work process, but also tools for breakthrough advertising, better ad conversion traffic and scaling marketing content. Jasper’s interface is also built to best cater writer’s workflows, with a copy and paste or build & construct interface. This allows writers to build their copy all within minutes. Jasper offers 5 days free trial and flexible plans and options that allow it to cater to various types of businesses and content needs.

2. Anyword

Image By Anyword

Anyword uses predictive sourcing and prides itself on being data driven copywriting. Anyword can be used to create all sorts of content ranging from blog articles to social media posts. After inputting information and details into Anyword’s generator, the copywriting service will generate a range of results, allowing you to pick your preferred write-up according to predictive scores provided by the system. Anyword even provides further data and details on specific keywords and write-ups, so you’re better able to make decisions on how to construct your copy. Anyword has a couple pricing plans, allowing you to pick and choose according to what you think suits your business.

3. Copy.Ai

Image By Copy.Ai

Copy.Ai has been complimented by many writers claiming it helps to overcome writer's block. This is thanks to the interface and function of the copywriting software itself. After writing an excerpt of the content you want generated, produces a writeup within seconds. You can even finetune the text by specifying your target audience or keywords relevant to the copy. Copy.Ai also has a function to help generate new ideas – ranging from viral content ideas, to startup or name ideas. With this copywriting tool, time spent on brainstorming can be reduced tremendously, leaving more time for the actual curation of ideas. Copy.Ai also enables users to adapt the tone of passage, this means you’re able to change or even train yourself to write in a certain tone of voice if you prefer. Copy.Ai only offers one pricing plan that enables all functions, which could be good if you’re looking for a fuss-free service.

4. Readable

Image By Readable

Not so much of a content creation tool, but more of a readability check tool, Readability checks for elements in copies including spelling, grammar, flow and readability. Readable can be used via browser or even integrated into your personal CMS for smoother usage. This copywriting service works for all types of copy ranging from websites, documents and files. Apart from their 7 day free trial, readable also has a few forms for subscription, so you’re able to pick and choose which plan you find most suitable.

5. Quillbot

Image By Quillbot

Quillbot uses AI technology to provide users with a wide range of copywriting, providing assistance at all stages of the creative process. These copywriting tools include a paraphraser, summariser, plagiarism,grammar checks as well as a citation generator. There are also multiple modes within the platform that seek to emphasize different focuses, like fluency or creativity. The platform’s AI powered thesaurus allows users to select alternative words and phrases to enhance writing. Quillbot can also be incorporated into services like Gmail, Microsoft Word and even LinkedIn. Quillbot offers free accounts that enable all users to access certain services, past that, users will have the option to subscribe to their premium for features like unlimited words as well as access to more modes and services within the platform.

6. Hemmingway Editor

Image By Hemingway App

Hemmingway editor helps writers to point out and correct common writing mistakes. Apart from shortening lengthy sentences, it also helps with spelling and grammar checks, better word/phrase recommendations and solutions to improve readability. What makes it even easier to use is the way the editor identifies and separates types of errors by colour, meaning it’ll be a lot easier to glance at what went wrong and why. The editor tells you specifically where your writing went wrong and suggestions to improve it. The best part about hemingway is that it is free to use – just copy and paste any paragraph into the editor and let it work its magic.

These copywriting tools are a blessing in the copywriting space, helping writers from all backgrounds and fields to complete copy much faster and more efficiently. However, it should always be noted that manual review is always required despite these AI systems being able to generate full copies. The human touch is always required to check for things like copy flow and readability, SEO qualities and relevance to your own brand. These AI copywriting tools are mainly meant to quicken and smoothen the writing process, not completely replace it

We also understand that picking the right tool for your business may be difficult, which is why our team here at INTERLUNAR are always prepared to provide advice to help business owners in their decision making processes as well as to avoid decision paralysis.

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