Top 10 Digital Trends In 2023


Our world has experienced countless technology breakthroughs and innovations throughout the years, which made it slightly harder to compile a mere list of 10. From Artificial Intelligence (AI) to 3D Printing, there are many innovations popping up all around us.

However, these chosen 10 are the top emerging digital trends for 2023 that everyone should be excited about.

1. 5G

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There have been debates and rumours emerging regarding 5G in recent years such as if 5G is dangerous towards our health. However, increased collaboration between telecoms and enterprises have brought upon another wave of connectivity that is efficient and secure. 5G applications are even expected to be implemented more frequently in our everyday life – and this includes the development of the Internet of Things (IoT).

2. Metaverse

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You’ve probably heard of Mark Zuckerberg’s work and investment in the world of the metaverse, or you may have come across some extraordinary tech innovations in the space – by NVIDIA, Meta, and a few others. With the rapid advancing rate of technology, many enterprises are seeking new methods to blur the lines between what exists online and in reality. In fact, the metaverse industry is estimated to grow to be worth $800 billion by 2024.

In particular, the work environment will see the biggest changes within this space over the next few decades. Large companies like NVIDIA and Microsoft are already working on metaverse platforms that allow for collaboration and working digitally.

3. Blockchain

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The recent rise and fall of NFTs – like how the NFT art craze plummeted as of late – have led many to wonder if this space is even worth watching. Well, we’re here to tell you that it is.


Experts are looking particularly towards how we can decentralise data storage and encrypt using blockchain technology. This way, our data will not only be safer, but also easily shared and accessed with permissions. NFTs in particular, are also expected to become more practical and useful in our daily lives. For example, various industries like real estate, are looking towards utilising blockchain technology to store and track data of all sorts, essentially to be used as a new form of ownership verification.

4. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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AI technology is now able to take over many jobs in various industries since its introduction to the general public – like ChatGPT. Despite there still being a need for that “human touch” in some roles, AI tech has surprised many with how much it’s capable of. It  is often used for things like data research and consolidation, content creation, copywriting and so on. As a matter of fact, ChatGPT is rumoured to be worth $29 billion by this year alone. It’s able to conjure up various forms of content, allowing creatives to work more efficiently and effectively.

5. 3D Printing & Digital Twins

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Going along the lines of the above mentioned – how the metaverse works to blur the lines between online and reality, this space works to do the same. Although 3D printers have been around for ages, people have begun to re-envision the possibilities of the technology and what it can be used for.


Designers and engineers are now able to turn their digital designs into reality, without having to go through long-winded manufacturing processes. This space is also used for prototyping and product testing, reducing waste and saving costs in this aspect. In fact, Formula 1 teams use this technology to design and test car components.

6. Quantum Computing

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Quantum computing is a tech leap that allows computers to operate a trillion times faster and more efficiently in terms of data processing and data storage. This means that data is processed and stored within the data sources, instead of a centralised server, so computers will not be able to observe data in real time. Global News Wire estimates a 21.6% growth in the market from 2021 to 2028.

7. Sustainability & Tech

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Our world as we know it deserves better. There’s much progress in various fields developing more sustainable and improved ways to provide energy for our world. Experts say we should see a push towards better energy production and more sustainable technology. In fact, in 2021 alone, climate tech start-ups have raised nearly $40 billion to address the effects of climate change and how technology can help. In fact, the INTERLUNAR team has begun a Green Initiative to plant a tree with every successful membership sign up on our website!

8. Hyper Automation

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A 2021 report estimated this market to grow to $26.5 billion by 2028. Hyper automation allows businesses and workplaces to enhance productivity and improve customer satisfaction. Tools like Click-Up, and Webflow are just some examples of successful players in this field.


As a business owner, automation is everything. It not only saves time, but also boosts efficiency and is cost-effective. You can read more on how workflow automation can help your business, as well as some workflow tools that can elevate work processes.

9. Ambient Computing

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With more people working remotely or in hybrid environments, it only makes sense for there to be growth in this space. This is a process that aims to make computing more seamless to users. From home heating to lighting levels, ambient computing continues to optimise environments for us throughout various times of the day, essentially adding onto the ambience of your home-work environment.

10. Datafication

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The increase in popularity of all things technology also means that more data is being stored online. This brings in datafication. It is essentially the process of transforming human tasks into devices or software powered by data. From your smartphones, to office applications to even industry machines, datafication brings about greater importance for cyber and data security.


Although there are many more technologies outside of what we’ve included in this list, these are just a few to get you started. The team here at INTERLUNAR always keeps up to date on the latest tech and innovations, so feel free to browse through our zine for more in depth discoveries on the latest in the tech space. You can also contact us should you have any queries or require guidance in navigating this new tech world.

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