How To Optimise AI & Machine-Learning For Marketing


As AI technology continues to gain traction – with the continuous advancement of ChatGPT, for example – and as machine learning gains popularity, it is no surprise that many businesses and companies are utilising the benefits of shifting into this direction. The increasing amount of data directly correlates to  a growing demand for automation to improve efficiency. Luckily for us, such technology has become significantly more accessible  to  be used by individuals, entrepreneurs and companies. Today, we dive deep into how exactly business owners can incorporate AI technology to be integral to their business’ marketing strategy. 

What Does It Mean To Use AI Technology In Marketing?

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Marketing is one of the most crucial aspects of every business, and using AI technology can be revolutionary, but how so? 


Integrating AI technology into your business’s marketing strategy, basically means to leverage it to enhance certain aspects of marketing. Such areas include content marketing, personalisation, customer engagement, trend research, social media marketing, and the non-exhaustive list goes on. 


AI technology has come a long way, and it’s now able to generate many forms of content with just a few clicks. This means that creatives are no longer required to sit for hours designing or writing marketing material. AI technology can also serve as a great starting point for creatives, especially when drafting and proposing ideas – no more wasted time on unwanted drafts.

How Can AI Work For Us?

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1. Customer Personalisation


AI technology is able to gather sets of data and consolidate them into digestible formats. This means, AI technology can be used to personalise customer’s experiences according to their behaviour, browsing habits and so on, providing businesses with unique customer profiles to work on  in order to improve customer engagement and conversion rates. 

2. Customer Service 


AI chatbots are often used on many websites, whether e-commerce, service or agency. These chatbots are able to attend 24/7 to inquiries that customers may have, reducing the need for customer service personnel to be available constantly. This also boosts efficiency amongst your customer service team, as they’ll have more time on their hands to tend to more urgent inquiries that the AI chatbot may not be able to resolve. 

3. Marketing Content And Material 


You’ll notice on platforms like Fiverr, that “AI Illustrators” or “AI Artists” are increasingly sought after – and for good reason. AI technology can be used to create marketing material. Think: posters, social media banners and even email newsletters! This saves time and energy spent on mass generating marketing material. 

4. Market Analysis


AI technology consists of datasets from all over the web. This means, AI technology can essentially collect and consolidate market data for businesses. The machine-learning aspect of the technology further allows the system to even make predictions based on the already available datasets, which can be utilised for any online platforms, whether it be the online web or even social media. 


With that, the rise of AI cannot be missed.


Instead of fearing this technology, business owners should learn to optimise and utilise AI as a tool for running business. AI technology brings many advantages to the table when it comes to marketing. Using AI technology for marketing boosts efficiency and speed, whilst also reducing the need for heavy manpower – which can be expensive over time. 


Although, it should also be noted, that while AI technology does an amazing job at taking over many tasks, having human personnel to audit and edit content is still necessary. AI technology is able to produce all forms of content, however, it is unable to filter itself in order to suit your business’s needs. There are also concerns arising regarding the ethical values and moral factors surrounding AI technology. From schools fearing that students will start getting accustomed to “cheating”, to creatives questioning the source and copyright boundaries when generating artwork with AI, there’s still much to be discussed surrounding issues of ethics. For a deeper dive into these matters, check out INTERLUNAR’s zine, which features AI creatives themselves and their input on the technology.


Alongside AI, there are also a few other emerging technologies in 2023 you should check out. With many tech experts investing and focussing on these up and coming innovations, you’ll want to be a part of the ride. The team here at INTERLUNAR is also more than happy to assist in your journey should you have any queries or doubts regarding the world of AI and marketing, whether it’s digital integration, or simply regarding exploring and learning more about various tech innovations in our current world.

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